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Santa Ana Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Pool tiles require regular cleaning and maintenance. For residential and commercial pools in Santa Ana and the surrounding areas businesses and homeowners can contact us anytime to have the looks of their pool tiles restored.

Tile cleaning is a vital part of pool maintenance in Santa Ana. If left unattended, tiles can quickly accumulate layers of oil, grime, algae and dirt. These layers make pool tiles look unseemly and spoil the looks of your pool.

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Calcium deposits are a major problem for pool tiles. Over time, these deposits of calcium begin to form on pool tiles. As the deposits grow larger, they become more and more visablee. Calcium deposits can also attract other forms of dirt and mold to accumulate on pool tiles. This is when calcium removal is typically needed to restore the look and health of the pool surface. 

When pool tiles have layers of impurities on their surface, they pose a number of hazards. For starters, the tiles do not offer a firm grip anymore. You may be unable to stand on a tile or get a handhold on a tile with accumulated layers. This is simply because the layers make the tiles dangerous. When you or another person tries to stand on these tiles, they may lose balance and incur an injury.

It is precisely for this reason that tile cleaning is an essential activity. This is particularly so for commercial pools where tools can get grimy and dirty rather quickly. Pool Service Santa Ana technicians specialize in cleaning and restoring pool tiles back to where they should be. 

Safety concerns are another reason why tile cleaning must be performed on a timely basis. When layers of dirt and impurities gather up on tile surfaces, they become the breeding grounds of bacteria and other unhealthy organisms. Such growth can alter the chemistry of the pool water and cause a serious health hazard. 

Our Pool Service techs in Santa Ana offer tile cleaning services for all pools. We make sure that there is absolutely no damage, not even any scratches, to the pool tiles during the process. It is precisely for this thoroughness and diligence that Santa Ana homeowners and businesses alike trust us and why we are one of the best pool companies in town.

Depending on your pool needs, we offer two methods of tile cleaning: dustless blasting and sandblasting. Here is a quick view of both.

Dustless Blasting in Santa Ana

Dustless blasting is a cutting-edge technique for calcium removal and removing other layers from pool tiles. This process is incredibly simple yet highly effective. It also takes a mere 2 to 3 hours to complete for a regular-sized residential pool. 

In this process, we first expose the pool tiles with deposits and impurities. We then use a mix of salt and glass beads, blasted at high pressure at the tile surface. This mixture causes absolutely no damage to the tile structure or surface. Instead, it only removes the deposits and layers of grime from the tiles. Dustless blasting immediately restores the original shine and brightness of your pool tiles. You can visibly see the difference by surface of the tiles.

Once the process is finished, we remove the glass beads from the pool water. This makes sure that the pool water is safe once we are done. If you are thinking about ‘what is the best pool service near me that can handle dustless blasting’, Pool Service Santa Ana is the answer.


Sandblasting is a more traditional method used in tile cleaning. Santa Ana pool can contact us to have this process performed on their pool tiles. This process is more suitable if your pool tiles have more stubborn stains or permanent deposits. 

The actual process of sandblasting is quite similar to dustless blasting. In dustless blasting, Pool Service Santa Ana experts use glass beads whereas in sandblasting, we usually use sand particles. When sand particles are blasted against a surface at high speeds, it creates a sandpaper effect. The top layer is rubbed off and removed, together with all the layers of impurities, deposits and stains. A new, clean and brighter layer comes to the surface.

Dustless blasting is typically preferable when your pool tiles have minor deposits or non-permanent stains. These can be effectively removed through dustless blasting. But if the damage is more extensive and you haven’t had the tiles cleaned or serviced for a long time, you will likely need sandblasting. Sandblasting will strip off the top layer and bring out a new layer of the tiles. You can also ask us to perform dustless blasting separate from  our routine pool maintenance in Santa Ana.

If you are looking for tile cleaning services and wondering “what is an affordable pool service near me”, look no further. We offer high-quality tile cleaning services at affordable rates.

You can ask us to perform a preliminary analysis of your pool. Our Pool Service Techs  Santa Ana can take an in-person look at your pool and suggest the best tile cleaning method. Alternatively, you can choose either of our methods and hire us anytime to perform tile cleaning. Santa Ana residents and businesses can also have our pros come out and hopefully do same day service to perform urgent tile cleaning any day of the week. Simply contact us and let us know when you want the tile cleaning service performed. Our Santa Ana technicians will be with you in no time to get the job done.