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From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

Santa Ana Pool Maintenance

If you want to enjoy a great pool experience, you need regular pool maintenance. Santa Ana pools can choose from our flexible pool service packages. Regular service has many benefits for your pool. We regulate the chemistry and PH of the pool. Both are important for ensuring safe and healthy pool water and human safety while swimming. Routine maintenance we also care of is vacuuming, clearing the leaves and other debris, and unclogging any clogged equipment components.  

At Pool Service Santa Ana offer pool and spa maintenance for both residential and commercial pools. Being the go-to pool service in Santa Ana, we cater to all types of pools and maintenance requirements. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. 

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pool maintenance

We can handle any and all problems with the pool structure. The structure of a pool typically uses plaster, natural stone, fiberglass, concrete or a number of related materials. Each material needs to be treated differently when it comes to pool repairs. Santa Ana technicians at our company are experts in performing repairs on all pool materials. We can also handle any repairs needed to the hot tub, spa or sauna.

Structural Repairs: Structural pool repairs need to be performed on an urgent basis. A minor problem such as a crack in the pool tiles can quickly grow into a major problem affecting the integrity of the pool. The crack may expand over time and cause tile breakage. Once a single tile is missing, the neighboring tiles get damaged and begin to come off as well.

As in everything in life, the longer you put off the problem, the costlier it becomes. The same goes for any holes or hard damage to the pool structure. The damage quickly gets worse when frequently exposed to water, nature or pool users. Structural problems can also become a safety hazard and many commercial businesses are required to have them repaired in time. 

Equipment Repairs: Pool equipment includes filters, pumps, motors, heaters, cleaners, waterfalls, control panels, lightning, check valves and a lot more. You may have some or many of these pieces of equipment installed at your pool. If any piece of equipment malfunctions, you can reach out to us at Pool Service Santa Ana for quick and reliable repairs. 

Our technicians have extensive expertise in handling all kinds of pool equipment. They are also handy with all equipment brands and know the equipment inside-out. We first provide a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and propose the quickest and most affordable pool repair. Santa Ana homeowners and businesses can also contact us for free advice and consultation on pool equipment.

Emergency Pool Repairs: You may need to have your pool serviced  on an emergency basis. This can be for a number of reasons and we fully understand. Commercial pools in particular require emergency repairs to resume normal pool operations as soon as possible. You can call us any day of the week to perform emergency repairs. Simply contact reach out  and let us know that you need urgent service. Our experts will be at your pool in no time to resolve the problem on a priority basis.

Equipment Installation: If you are looking to have new equipment installed at your pool, we can help. Pool Service Santa Ana sources pool equipment parts from the major suppliers. This helps us provide you new pool equipment at a lower price than the market. We  perform professional installation of the equipment and have it up and running in no time.

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Pool Repair: We stand apart from other pool companies in Santa Ana in that we offer highly affordable pool repair services. We advise you on the most effective repair solutions within your budget. This helps you make repair choices that are both effective and affordable.

Repair-over-Replacement Policy: As a general rule, our Santa Ana technicians have a repair-over-replacement policy. This means that we will repair a piece of equipment wherever possible and we choose replacement only as a last option. This keeps the costs to a minimum as pool repairs are less costly than full replacements.

Expert Certified Technicians:

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in pool repairs. With many decades of experience between them, our experts have handled and resolved virtually all types of pool repairs. They take a creative approach to performing pool repairs by using industry standard methods, latest tools and cutting-edge techniques.