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Santa Ana Acid Washing Services

At Pool Service Santa Ana, we provide acid washing for pools of all shapes and sizes. For pools that don’t see regular care and maintenance, acid washing is often the best choice. It is effective in restoring the looks of pools that have been unattended for a long period. Long-term neglect may encourage algae growth in a pool which can become a permanent deposit on the tiles. Over time, the tiles or the plaster become stained with a greenish hue due to the algae.  Acid wash is equally good for calcium removal. Santa Ana residents can hire our experts to perform acid wash at any time. 

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Why does my pool need acid washing?

If your pool is regularly maintained and serviced, simple cleaning techniques can restore its original looks. But when the pool has been neglected for a period of time long time, a more robust process is needed. This is what acid washing essentially is. Acid washing involves the use of a strong chemical that is applied to the top layer of plaster at your pool.

It is left on the surface for some time and then removed. The chemical effectively removes the topmost layer of the plaster, together with all the grime, dirt, stains and algae. A new layer of plaster is then revealed which immediately gives your pool an almost new look.

If you have tried regular cleaning and brushing with no effect, it is time for an acid wash. Our experts typically perform acid wash when needed during commercial pool cleaning. Acid wash must be performed by a pool service professional. Standard safety measures must be observed when performing the procedure as it involves the use of a potentially hazardous chemical.

Acid Washing and Safety Precautions

Acid washing is performed using a strong chemical. This is necessary to remove the layer of plaster with all the stains and deposits. The chemical used in acid washing may produce strong fumes which can be hazardous. This is why it is essential for a professional to use safety equipment such as face masks, gloves and rubber shoes when performing this procedure.

Many pool companies in Santa Ana fail to observe safety measures when they perform an acid wash. This is not the case with Pool Service Santa Ana. Our technicians are professionals who have been trained in safety precautions related to an acid wash. 

Before performing the procedure, our experts wear the safety equipment and also make sure that the property surrounding the pool is safe and secure. Once the procedure is over, we dispose of the chemical waste from acid wash in a safe manner. Our experts also measure and adjust the PH of the pool water following an acid wash. This is done to ensure that the PH level is safe.

Hiring Acid Wash Technicians in Santa Ana

Santa Ana is home to a number of pool companies. Santa Ana homeowners and businesses can choose any contractor to get the acid wash done. However, most pool service contractors lack the expertise and equipment required for acid wash. When you hire them to perform an acid wash, they do a sub-quality job and your pool’s looks are not fully restored.

This is not the case with Pool Service Santa Ana. Whether it is treatment for green pool water or calcium removal, Santa Ana residents can absolutely rely on us. Our acid wash is goal-oriented – so when we perform the process, it is meant to achieve specific goals that you define. When you hire us, you can be sure of concrete results. We have the equipment, the expertise and the right experienced manpower to perform this procedure.

Whether you have a domestic pool or a commercial pool, whether it’s small or Olympian, we have got you covered. Our experts will drain pool water, secure the premises, get on the safety gear and then begin the acid wash process. They will observe all the safety protocols as the process is performed. Once the process is over, they will remove and dispose of the chemical waste without harm to the environment.

Excellent Customer Service

We also pride ourselves in delivering a world-class customer service to Santa Ana homeowners and businesses. If you are considering acid wash, you can give us a call any time and have a quick word with our experts. If our free advice convinces you that the acid wash is the way go to, schedule the procedure the same day or any day of the week. You can also tell us the exact hour. Pool Service Santa Ana experts will be at your property to perform the procedure on the specific day and hour.